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The Eisenberg Group is one of the leading real estate agencies in Israel
We specialize in improvement and marketing of agricultural lands, initiation and construction of residential projects in Israel, and the improvement and marketing of residential lands abroad. The Group has long been renowned for its achievements, and has become the leading agricultural land estate agency in Israel. The Eisenberg Group was established by Mr. Shimon Eisenberg, a realtor with over 20 years of professional experience.

The Eisenberg Group specializes in improvement and sale of agricultural lands
Among its many activities, the Eisenberg Group has located and sold over 900 plots in Israel and has initiated more projects than any other Israeli real estate agency. With the success of all these projects the agency is now working hard to further develop and improve land use to meet growing demands.
The Eisenberg Group is credited with a broad range of real estate transactions in Israel and abroad, including initiation, construction and sale of residential projects and marketing of investment properties
Among its wide range of activities in the country, the Eisenberg Group focuses on locating usable land in quality areas and leading planning, marketing and management of acquisition groups. The Group has developed unique expertise in identifying strategic and lucrative land investment opportunities around the world, yielding and excellent rate of return for solid investments.

The Eisenberg Group includes leading experts from every real estate field
Along with an excellent team of experts, the Eisenberg Group also collaborates with top professionals from every real estate field: law firms to oversee transactions, real estate assessment firms that specialize in property and land assessment and market testing, as well as senior architects and engineers (including former civil engineers) to facilitate work with the relevant authorities.

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